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Cabinet Painting In Wilmington, NC

Cabinet Painting Made Easy

Painting the cabinets of your home provides a major boost in the look of your kitchen or bathroom! If considering a kitchen renovation or bathroom renovation, simply painting your cabinets can go a long way in transforming your space!

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Kitchen with Marble Island

Why Paint Your Cabinets?

There are many reasons why you might consider painting your cabinets. A few of the most common reasons typically include:

  • Getting Rid of the "Cookie Cutter" Look - Set your home apart from the neighbors by brightening up those cabinets with a professional paint job. The color options are endless, make it yours. 

  • Old, Outdated, and Dingy - At one time, the typical stained wood cabinet look was in high demand. Now-a-days the more modern look includes a bright kitchen and that starts with bright cabinets.

  • Do It Yourself Gone Wrong - We all like the idea of saving money. A lot of us attempt to do things ourselves, just for that reason. As I am sure a lot of people are aware, this isn't always the best idea. There are a lot of variables involved when painting cabinets. Cutting corners or not doing things just right can result in a catastrophe. We have completed many projects where the cabinets had been previously painted by someone unknowing of the intricacies involved!

  • Remodeling Your Kitchen - You just got new flooring, freshly painted walls and trim, new light fixtures, maybe some new counter tops and now its the cabinets turn. Painting them will take a small fraction of what it will cost to replace them!

Cabinet Painting: About

"Oh my gosh!!! Our kitchen project is complete and the end result exceeded our expectations! We are beyond satisfied!
Justin painted our dark coffee cabinets a very light “greige”. It is perfect.... it’s fresh, bright and my husband says it’s a “ happy kitchen” now. I was out of town during the painting process and Justin sent me pictures daily. He kept me informed the entire time and did an awesome and professional job. Any future paint projects at our home will certainly be contracted with this company!!"

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What We Do

We have a strict routine we use on all of our cabinet painting projects. It all starts and ends with true passion for our craft. Here is a quick outline of what comes in between:

  • Preparation Of The Work Area - Keeping your home nice and clean is one of our main priorities!

  • Cleaning The Cabinets - Vigorous cleaning. Possibly the most important step of the whole process.

  • Removing Doors, Drawer Fronts, and Hardware - Each piece is numbered so it goes right back to its original place, including the hinges.

  • Setting Up Our Paint/Work Station - Most cabinet projects get done on site. We will set up a spray booth, as well as a drying rack in a safe location, typically in the garage. 

  • Prime, Paint, Wait - After all necessary preparation, we apply primer, let dry, sand, clean and then start the top coating process. This part requires patience in allowing the coatings to properly dry in between coats. 

  • Re-installation - Once all painting is complete and dried adequately, we re-install all doors, drawer fronts, and hardware, piece by piece. Brand new, clear bumpers are placed on doors and drawer fronts also.  We then clean up all of our protective materials and work areas and leave you with a clean home and beautiful set of cabinets!

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We Stand By Our Work

For a period of two years from date of completion and subject to the limitations set forth below, Dynamic Painting Services will repair any peeling, flaking, or blistering paint that comes as a direct result of poor workmanship. 


Normal wear and tear, misuse, structural defects, cracks caused by natural settling, any damage caused by any type of leak, damage from the result of weather related events, any work not performed by Dynamic Painting Services, exact color match, any surface in which peeling paint was present prior to work being done by Dynamic Painting Services, damage caused by improper cleaning products, any area in which Dynamic Painting Services did not perform work, and any other cause that is outside of Dynamic Painting Services control.  

These repairs will only be made to the specific area that is defected. 


Invoice must be paid in full

Show proof of invoice paid in full

Show copy of original agreement

Be responsible for making the area work ready prior to any work being done

This warranty does not coincide with any other warranty and is the only warranty expressed by Dynamic Painting Services to the Client. 

This is only valid between the original Client and Dynamic Painting Services and only covers the project located at the address specified on the original agreement. 

Cabinet Painting: About

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