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Interior Painting in Wilmington, NC

Your Home, How You Want It

Painting the interior of your home is one of the easiest and most affordable ways to completely update the look and feel of your space.

  • A lot of newly built homes are painted with cheap, "builders grade" paint. These paints will not hold up to everyday wear and tear and is definitely not washable. Cover that stuff up with a much better, high quality paint, that will withstand everyday wear and tear and create your ideal space at the same time.

  • ​Show off your newly painted home to your friends, family, and neighbors. Celebrations, holidays, and special occasions normally means having guests over. Make your interior look exactly how you want it to look for those special times.

  • Follow trends in interior decorating

  • Paint the walls to match your style

  • There are so many reasons why you may want to paint your home. Contact us today to see how we can help!

Interior Painting: About

"I hired Justin to remove popcorn ceilings and repaint the entire interior of our home. He was great about communication and responding promptly, he got the job done quickly, the work was great quality, and he was affordable. Also, he was just very friendly, likeable, and easy to talk to overall. I highly recommend!!"

- Melinda Hart

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The Interior Painting Process

Interior painting can be a daunting task for even the most seasoned "do it yourselfers" Tall walls, protecting floors, furniture, and belongings. Keeping the wall color off of the ceilings and trim, and the list goes on. It can be a bit overwhelming once you try to start painting yourself!

Here is what you can expect when contacting Dynamic Painting Services:

  • Upon initial contact we will determine what you are looking to have done, set up a time to meet in person to look at the project and discuss details, and then start the estimating process.

  • I will submit a professional, detailed estimate, either on the spot or via email.

  • Once the estimate has been approved we will then work with you to pick the best date to begin work. 

Our Painting Process:

  • Prep The Area - Our #1 goal(other than a beautiful paint job) is to keep your home and belongings safe and clean. We put down drop cloths and/or plastic to protect your floors. We will move and protect your furniture per the projects demand. 

  • Wall/Trim/Ceiling Prep - Rather it be wear and tear, a simple color change, or a complete overhaul, we perform all basic prep first such as removing electrical plates, pole sanding walls, sweeping/vacuuming dust, and more.

  • Apply Paint - We use top quality paint brushes, roller naps, spray equipment and other miscellaneous tools to ensure we deliver the best looking paint job possible!

  • Project Finished! - After all the painting has been completed we will then make sure we leave your home as clean as it was when we started!

Interior Painting: About

"Perfection! I love my smooth, popcorn-free ceilings and freshly painted walls. Justin & crew are such professionals, they make the process easy."

Jackie Harlow

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What We Do

Interior painting has many different aspects. Some people may just want a room or two painted, some might just need a ceiling painted, and some want the whole interior painted. 

Need a couple of bedroom ceilings painted? We have you covered.

Only walls need to be painted? We protect all trim with tape before any painting. This protects the trim from wall colors and also leaves perfectly straight lines.

Tall walls? We have everything necessary to tackle those high walls!

Trim and doors need freshening up?

These areas tend to get dirty and marked up the fastest due to doors being touched with dirty hands, trim that protrudes from the wall, etc.

Make that trim "pop" again with fresh, shiny paint! 

We are here to suit your needs!

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Interior Painting: Image

"Justin just got done paining my house in Leland. I can't say enough good about his service!! He fit me in fast because I was putting the house on the market and he performed an incredible, high quality job at a super reasonable price. He actually painted MORE than I asked him to where he saw something was in desperate need of painting and did not charge me extra. He is fast, fair, talented and honest. Thank you so much for the job you did and how much pride you show in the work you do!! Wonderful work!"

- Chris Bradshaw

Interior Painting: Testimonial

We Stand By Our Work

We Stand By Our Work
For a period of two years from date of completion and subject to the limitations set forth below, Dynamic Painting Services will repair any peeling, flaking, or blistering paint that comes as a direct result of poor workmanship. 

Normal wear and tear, misuse, structural defects, cracks caused by natural settling, any damage caused by any type of leak, damage from the result of weather related events, any work not performed by Dynamic Painting Services, exact color match, any surface in which peeling paint was present prior to work being done by Dynamic Painting Services, damage caused by improper cleaning products, any area in which Dynamic Painting Services did not perform work, and any other cause that is outside of Dynamic Painting Services control.  

These repairs will only be made to the specific area that is defected. 

Invoice must be paid in full
Show proof of invoice paid in full
Show copy of original agreement
Be responsible for making the area work ready prior to any work being done

This warranty does not coincide with any other warranty and is the only warranty expressed by Dynamic Painting Services to the Client. 
This is only valid between the original Client and Dynamic Painting Services and only covers the project located at the address specified on the original agreement

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